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Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles 2.70

Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles is a game with a variety of games inside
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Choosing games is difficult and consumes time and space on one's hard disk - but what about playing many games in just one program? Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles will give you this opportunity, as it gathers a pack of completely different games and presents these games on a very interesting map - so that when you pass the first game you will be eligible to enter a new one, or you can repeat any game at a different level. Each game has a different concept, with different tasks and content, but all the games are exciting and rely on your concentration. Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles will even help you to increase your intelligence, as in many games you have to be active and open-minded. One of the most interesting games is the one about catching fish, which demands you to catch only one type of fish. The door puzzle is very interesting as well - engaging you into completing all the doors with stones, preferably of similar colors to increase your score. Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles also includes a block matching game, which consists in exploding stones with similar colors to get more points, and many other wonderful games too. So start downloading to explore them by yourself.

Marian Zaky
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